If you don’t have your kitchen equipped properly, then you can’t really call it a kitchen. You need to have high quality as well the correct gear in order to be considered a real business. If your chef is utterly amazing, if all the cooks are talented beyond compare, it simply will not matter because if you don’t provide them the right materials for the job it just won’t run well. You need cooking utensils, the right pots and pans and equipment for large volume cooking, and of course food storage options for gravies, prepared vegetables and all the ingredients your chefs will need to use. First of all, as mentioned you will need pots and pans and other dishes to cook in. The average sized pan, or even a large one you’d use at home, has no real use in a professional kitchen. In order to prepare enough soup stock for example, you need an extra large commercial sized stock pot and a container or food grade bucket to store it in. The same goes for sauce pots, frying pans, broilers and more. You cannot skimp here to save money either! The quality has to be much better than your regular home variety because of the increased wear and tear they face being used daily, sometimes even multiple times a day! The same thing applies to the utensils. Spoons, ladles, measuring cups and more will need to be used often, so quality is important.¬†You can get additional information at local seafood restaurant.

Second, the equipment you use plays a massive role in how well you can serve your customers. Cheap, low grade machinery breaks down more often and can’t handle the work load of a busy restaurant or catering service. When it breaks down, you either have to repair it or replace, and either way results in down time and loss of productivity. Of course that affects your bottom line negatively in many ways. Those costs and lost revenue add up! It is far better to invest in superior quality stoves, ovens, microwaves and food processors because that investment pays off quickly when happy customers return time and time again. Finally your food storage and service items need to be of good quality as well. Plates, knives and forks need to be able to withstand numerous washes without losing their luster, and survive the inevitable bumps and collisions that occur in busy kitchen. Your ingredients need to be kept in food safe containers with lids to prevent foreign objects from falling in, and your gravies and sauces need to be stored in quality food grade buckets in the refrigerator. All of these factors play an important role in the success of your restaurant or catering service.

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